World Series Of Poker $5,130,000 Tournament!

November 30, 2018 - Poker Games
World Series Of Poker $5,130,000 Tournament!

With blinds at 300 600, I’m in a middle position, and I opened to 1300 with pocket sixes action folds to the cutoff road, Givens who’s been planning. A lot puts in the three bet to the 3,800 started the hand with about 17,000. Definitely could jam all in here, but I think his hand range is weighted too big pairs, a scheme type hands so we’ll pick a better spot and lay it down the very next hand. I looked down at pocket jacks, so I make it 1,300 again.

The button calls a bald euro that likes to stare at everybody and really cross the line. The big blind also defends and holder white guy. The flop comes King. Three three rainbow check. I bet 1,500 and both players call I’m in shutdown load, I’m giving at least one of them credit for a king. The turn is a offsuit queen, big blind checks.

I check and the button checks made the idea of the best hand. The river is a deuce big blind checks. I don’t think I can value bet and I don’t think I should Bluff. So I check and the button checks behind the big blind is first to show he shows pocket fives. I show my jacks and the button mocks. Jacks are good.

We were in a nice pot, we’re up to about 20 20 mm the very next hand, I’m now under the gun plus 2, and I have pocket nines, I make it 1,300 GTO bot, the female from Russia, makes it 4,800. She started the hand with about 40,000 action, folds back to me, pocket nines. What do you do about 40 blinds? Normally it’s a fold but based on her sizing, I think her range is weighted towards a sex suited aces and just hand.

She just wants to take down pre, I think, with value hands she would size smaller, she’s playing an exploitative game style, definitely uses piosolver. I can tell from her previous hands where they’re sizing and line she takes very good player, so my gut says to just rip it in there for twenty two thousand or so, but ten handed you know, someone could definitely pick up tens plus and I go against My gut and lay down pocket nines, let’s find a better spot with ten minutes to go in the night. They announce hand for hand. I started this hand with 18,000 I’m out of the gun plus one, and I make it 1,800, the guy next to me, shoves all in for twenty thousand chips. I think he’s looking to gamble to build a stack or try again tomorrow, everyone folds to me ace king of diamonds, no way in hell, I’m folding this.

Let’S play a 40k pot, he shows pocket kings, and this is what happens, and I am out of the 1k double-stack and for two bullets $ 2,000 gone bankroll totals are updated. Right today is a very special day. It’S Father’s Day it’s not easy, being a single dad with two boys at home, unemployed, hoping to win money gambling to support them and put kibble in the bowls. But today I dedicate this tournament to my boys, Clyde and Duke: let’s win it for the boys $ 1,000.

Double stack third bullet firing up to two bullets today: let’s just bag and tag @ midnight standing in the unisex bathroom line, and I came across salvos, the other boesky I’m gon na need some proof. That’S me right there, that’s right! The other Boesky from across the ocean nice to see you again, buddy oh yeah, nice – to see you with blinds at 75 150 with a 25 ante under the gun plus three opens to 350, I’m next to act with pocket. Tens 11,000 chips. I put in the three bet to ten thousand and fifty action folds to the blinds who each tank for one minute before putting in the fold whoo my heart’s beatin, I’m fearing that cold for ball.

But none of them have the balls to put it in. The original RAZR goes into the tank and puts in the call for about three minutes into the hand, and we can now see a flop. The flop comes jack, seven three rainbow. He checks.

I bet one. Third pot, 800 chips and he puts in the call the turn is the queen, which is an interesting card after he calls the flop, I’m putting him on a mid pair or jack exuded type hands. The safe play would be to check back, but then we’re really lost when he bets rivers when various run outs come so. Instead, I’m gon na go for the fake, somewhat merged. Turn value bet 1400. He tanks again and puts in the fold.

I have a feeling. He had something like pocket, nines or pocket eights, and he was just really hate in his life. So we take that pot down around second break, but we’re back to starting stack as we splashed around some more two more hours before dinner. Six more hours before we bagged and tagged one K double stack with blinds at 100 200 with a 25 ante, an older European man. That says he speaks no English raises to 500, I’m on the button with pocket, fours and 7,000 ships too much to suck shove.

Probably good enough to call, but we’re gon na try to take the lead here and take it down free or keep our post-flop range advantage. If that even exists, we make it 1,500 to the blinds fold and he calls if pop comes Ace. King deuce not great for our force, but we have the alleged range advantage. So he checks, I bet 1,500 and he snap jams.

He gave zero fucks and we fold, and we now have four thousand ships with blinds that 150-300 we’ve folded for quite some time. Waiting for a good spot front of the gun, with ace-queen offsuit 3500 ships, so we’re all in action, folds to middle position. You ISOs $ 10,000, everyone folds and he has pocket tens and we are out third bullet gone in the 1k double stack. Now we could go home with our tail between our legs and call it a day, but it’s gon na be over five million dollars in this prize pool. What’S another thousand, let’s reenter doesn’t look spiced already that make music the people who want to be richer than the other people are gon na have to win money from the other people. We help around 10,000 go to dinner, come back blind out for about 2,000 ships.

Get a few shows through especially against this big whale in middle position, who has over a hundred thousand, but as with blinds at 250 500 big fish in middle position had 100k. When I got to the table, went down to about 70 K has been playing most hands: I’ve shoved on him two or three times and he’s folded every time. This time he opens to 1,200 in middle position, I’m in a small blind with king, queen offsuit, big blind folds, and he snap calls. Oh, I show my hand and he shows Queen 10 off suit perfect. This is what we call setting him up for a bigger disaster. He’S had enough my shoving, so he makes the call the flop comes.

10. 8. 6.

All hearts he has the Queen of Hearts turn is a black deuce and the river is a black 3 and we’re out of the 1k for good, no more reentry’s. 4 bullets was more than enough. I could later edge the 365 pot limit Omaha flight, but I think I’m gon na call it a day been putting on a vlog every day and playing every day no days off.

So I think I have earned a few hours at home to relax before probably registering the wind 5:50 tomorrow, thanks for watching make sure you hit the subscribe and like button. If you like this content and make sure you comment below, let me know how I can improve the channel until next time. I’M out I’ve decided against late, registering the 365 PLO giant because my boys are at home and it’s Father’s Day. I got to spend some time with my boys shoutout to Clyde at Duke