Double Flop Hold’em or Manila Poker?

March 4, 2018 - Poker Games
Double Flop Hold’em or Manila Poker?

Double Flop Hold’em

In this variant two boards – groups of community cards – are dealt at the same time.

Illustration of Double Flop Hold'Em.

Illustration of Double Flop Hold’Em.

Each player is dealt two private cards “pocket cards” and tries to make the best hand of five for each set of community cards.

The players can not combine the two boards so they have two 5-card hands.

Double Flop Hold’em is often played as a split-pot game. The player who wins one board wins half the pot and the player who wins the other board wins half the pot.

This game can also be played where the best hand from one board wins the entire pot. So be sure to read the rules of the Poker Room you are entering.

Manila Poker

Manila is played with a stripped deck in which all cards below the rank of 7 are removed, so you are left with 32 cards. Each player is dealt two private cards, hole cards. The five community cards are dealt one at a time and each is followed by a round of betting.

Manila Poker (Seven-Up Poker) is a variant of Texas Hold'em

Manila Poker (Seven-Up Poker) is a variant of Texas Hold’em

At the showdown, unlike Texas Hold’em and more like Omaha, each player makes their best poker hand from both of their hole cards and exactly three of the five community cards.

Because of the deck with less cards, a flush beats a full house. Also, an ace may not be played low for a straight (that is, the hand A-7-8-9-10 is not a straight).

This game can be played in such an order that each player gets 3 cards where one of them is to be discarded at some point. But still the same rule applies: The hand shall be made of ONLY 2 private cards and ONLY 3 cards from the community cards.