Bluesquare Games – Huge Cash Prizes Awarded Daily!

November 16, 2017 - Online Casino Games
Bluesquare Games – Huge Cash Prizes Awarded Daily!

Bluesquare Games is one of the most popular online interactive gaming websites in the UK that offers cash prizes to players who bet a few pounds.  Forget playing worn out games like poker and blackjack!  Win big money playing board games, slots and more!  Even if you aren’t ready to bet any of your hard earned money, there’s still plenty to do!  Play for fun with Bluesquare’s “money” as many times as you please!

Most Popular
Bluesquare is proud to offer its players a chance to bet and win in a variation of the classic game of Monopoly.  Play the Monopoly slots for a chance to win some extra cash and some childhood nostalgia.  Bet big in this game – there are extra rewards for bigger bets!

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Our Favourite Slots
Slots are fun to play in Las Vegas and other places, but why not play in the comfort of your own home?  Bluesquare has lots to offer when it comes to slots!  Take a trip to the sandy desert of Egypt with the Cleopatra slots or test your fate with the awesome game of Heaven or Hell.

Inviting Numbers games 
Were you a whiz in math class as a kid?  Try your luck at Bluesquare’s numbers games.  Online versions of scratch off cards will save you tons of trips to the convenience store and the popular dice games will give you a run for your money.  If you’re feeling especially fortunate, play the nerve-wracking Crack the Safe Game!  Guess higher or lower 5 times correctly and you’ve opened the safe to some serious cash!

Arcade Games
Has lady luck had her eye on everyone but you?  Forget luck – try your skill in Bluesquare’s arcade section and watch those video game skills you developed as a teenager pay off.  Penalty Shoot Out and Blue-Bury Park will also test your skill in sports and you can win big even if you’re not a big sports buff.

Classic Bingo
Let’s not forget Bluesquare Games’ pride and joy – classic Bingo!  Play with other Bluesquare players in multi-player Bingo or whip out your mad Bingo skills by yourself on Bingo Keno Super Jackpot.

Since 1999, Bluesquare Games has provided its players with a safe and fun way to win big online.  Bet low or high – it’s up to you!  With Bluesquare, you call the shots! You can practice or play for real on one of the most popular interactive gaming websites around!